About Us

S R Health Care is an independent group practice that works with a variety of health systems i.e. homoeopathy, physiotherapy, dietary consultation and lifestyle guidance.

The mission of S R Health Care is to enrich lives... through accessible, affordable, compassionate health care.

In support of our mission, it is the policy at S R Health Care to provide prompt and effective health care which meets the stated needs of the patient, using competent staff and excellent infrastructure. We strive to be the leader in our field by setting high goals for others to follow.

At S R Health Care, our definition of “Quality” is simple: It’s our commitment to excellence measure. To ensure quality relationships with our patients, we do utmost to improve our responsiveness, to anticipate your requirements and to provide you with superlative service. To reach our goal we count on, professional standards, constantly upgrading the quality of medical practice and education in the clinic, i.e updating ourselves on latest trends and measures to provide best healthcare in terms of diagnosis, and treatment.

We have high respect for patient privacy. At S R HealthCare we are aware and extremely sensitive about our patient’s confidentiality. All information shared by patient about their problems, i.e physical, mental or social and treatment recommendations are kept secretly confidential. That’s why we use digital system to store information keeping up with latest trends and technology. We have multiple security protocols to ensure data security.

S R HealthCare understands the responsibility towards the society, everyone deserves compassion, love, and to live well. This is why we are dedicated to support the community beyond health care. Dedicated to raising awareness and support to help improve the well-being and health of our communities. By working together, we can all make a difference – not just for today, but also for generations to come.

 We are proud to be associated with NGO’s like:

  • Special Olympic Bharat - for the physically and mentally challenged children
  • Udaan Special School - for the physically and mentally challenged children
  • Healing Himalayas Foundation - to keep the Himalayas clean