Being mentally healthy is important. It is about being able to function well, having meaningful social connections, positive self-esteem and being able to cope with change. It includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act, how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.
It also supports our ability to have healthy relationships, maintain physical health, handle the natural ups and downs of life, discover and grow toward potential.
Experiencing one or more of the following feelings or behaviours can be an early warning sign of a problem:

  • Eating or sleeping too much or too little
  • Pulling away from people and usual activities
  • Having low or no energy
  • Feeling numb or like nothing matters
  • Having unexplained aches and pains
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Smoking, drinking, or using drugs more than usual
  • Feeling unusually confused, forgetful, on edge, angry, upset, worried, or scared
  • Yelling or fighting with family and friends
  • Experiencing severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships
  • Having persistent thoughts and memories you can’t get out of your head
  • Hearing voices or believing things that are not true
  • Thinking of harming yourself or others
  • Inability to perform daily tasks like taking care of your kids or getting to work or school

Ways to maintain positive mental health include:

  • Getting professional help if you need it
  • Connecting with others
  • Staying positive
  • Getting physically active
  • Helping others
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Developing coping skills

We at S R HEALTH CARE apart from particular mental illness, deals with physical symptoms in connection to psychological aspects, that how the physical condition is affecting the person mentally and socially. We work on both levels to achieve optimum level of health. Our first motto is to provide holistic treatment to the patient that considers the whole person body, mind, spirit, and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness.